Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive robotic surgery is the latest technology for gynecologic surgery. This surgical approach allows gynecologic surgeons to operate on patients through the use of several robotic arms. One of these robotic arms holds a camera to provide surgeons with enhanced visibility of the treatment site, while the other arms are used to perform the necessary procedure. Since robotic arms have more rotation and move more smoothly than human hands, this allows for smaller incisions, better accuracy, less bleeding during surgery, and minimal scarring after surgery. Minimally invasive robotic surgery also has a significantly shorter recovery period since there is little to no trauma exerted on the surrounding structures.

Did You Know?

Contrary to what many people think, robotic surgery is completely controlled by the surgeon, not the robot. However, the surgeon uses the robotic arms to allow for certain movements that simply cannot be performed by the human hand. This combines the surgeon’s expertise with the robot’s accuracy to obtain the best treatment outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a candidate for microinvasive robotic surgery?

The minimally invasive robotic surgical technique can be applied to a number of gynecological procedures for conditions such as:

  • Uterine fibroids
  • Endometriosis
  • Gynecologic Cancers
  • Pelvic prolapse
  • Ovarian cysts

To determine if you are an ideal candidate for robotic gynecological surgery, schedule a consultation at Bucks County Women’s Wellness today.

What can I expect when undergoing microinvasive robotic surgery at Bucks County Women’s Wellness?

All robotic surgeries performed through Bucks County Women’s Wellness are performed in a hospital under general anesthesia. During the surgery, your surgeon will perform the operation by using a command center to control the robotic arms. A 3-D camera is used to transmit live images that your surgeon can magnify if needed, while the robotic arms will mimic your surgeon’s hand movements with increased accuracy. Because the images can be magnified and the robotic arms are precise, the entire surgery can be performed through tiny incisions.

What can I expect when recovering from microinvasive robotic surgery?

Recovering from robotic surgery is much easier than recovering from open surgery. This is because open surgery is highly invasive, whereas microinvasive surgery only requires the smallest of incisions. Generally speaking, women who undergo robotic surgery experience shorter hospital stays, a shorter recovery period, and a decreased risk of postoperative complications.

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